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Get Your Home Ready For the Winter in the Fall

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Do not make the mistake of “winterizing” your Hugo, MN home only after the cold season has begun. Instead, the better approach is to get ready for the cold weather during the fall. In fact, you might want to consider the semi-chilly temperatures of the fall as a dry run for the colder months to follow.

To help you get things in order, here are the top three ways you can winterize your home during the fall. Also, do not forget to contact the compassionate insurance professionals at All City Agency, Inc about the best policy for you.

Put Caulk Filling in Gaps

You will probably experience some wind drafts during the fall. Take advantage of this early warning that your house has cracks and gaps. Purchase a caulk gun from any home supply store and fill these perforations as soon as possible.

Lay Down a Draft Snake

In some cases it may prove impossible to fill a gap. For example, your front door may be susceptible to drafts because of space between it and the floor. An easy solution is to place a “draft snake” down there.

A draft snake is a towel or blanket households stick in a door crack to keep out cold weather. The name originated during The Great Depression when families short on money used this method to keep warm. The rolled-up towel was said to resemble a snake.

Use the Ceiling Fan

Did you know that ceiling fans can keep rooms both cool and warm? In the fall, when things begin getting chilly, just run the blades in a clockwise direction and it will disseminate warm air.

Get Your Home Ready for Cold Weather

In the fall, you should caulk perforations, block out the wind and use the ceiling fan to be sure these methods will work for you once winter begins.

You should also contact All City Agency, Inc. now for more information about keeping your Hugo, MN home secure. You can even check for insurance quotes online right to find the best price for your budget.

Kevin Buechler
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