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4 Essential End-of-Life Documents You Need at Any Age

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Few of us are thinking about getting our affairs in order when we are young and healthy, yet that’s precisely when we should be thinking about drafting important end-of-life documents and thinking about how we want our affairs handled. End-of-life documents give you control over your final moments and ensure there is no confusion or debate over how you want your affairs handled. Here are the key documents you should file, regardless of your age or health.

Durable Power of Attorney: If you become incapacitated, you need to be sure the person you want making decisions for you has the legal authority to do so. If you are unmarried (or the person you trust isn’t your spouse), make sure you have this paperwork on file.

Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) or Living Will: Let your family and medical care team know in advance how you want to deal with various challenging medical situations like life support. You can also appoint a health-care representative to speak for you if you are unable to.

A Will or Revocable Living Trust: You want to determine how your assets are divided up and this is how you go about that. These two documents dictate what gets distrusted where and how it happens. It also allows you to reduce or postpone taxes owed at your death.  Without a will or living trust, disputes can arise and then it’s left to the courts to divvy up your assets.

Life Insurance: Company-provided life insurance is often insufficient. Life insurance can help cover funeral expenses, clear up any lingering debt, and help your family survive the sudden loss of income.  The right amount of coverage and the specific type of insurance needed can vary based on a number of considerations. Contact All City Agency Inc today to discuss your unique coverage needs and get a quote.

Kevin Buechler
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