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Summer’s Here So Get Your Boat in Gear: Preparing Your Boat in Hugo

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Boats may require some effort and work on your part, but it’s absolutely worth it to see the look on your kid’s faces when they’re trying to hang onto the inner tube or trying water skiing for the first time. Take these steps to get your boat in tip-top shape for summer.

Clean It Up

Detergent, wax and polish all work wonders on most parts of the boat to get everything sparkling again. Ensure your drains are entirely free of debris, and that your windshield wiper blades are clean and good to go.

Perform Checks

From scratches to leaks, you’ll have to give your boat a very thorough once-over. Anything that’s wearing away could spell trouble when you actually get it out on the water. Not only will you need to examine the outside, but also check the electrical system and internal workings of your boat. Hoses, clamps and batteries all have a tendency to be affected by sitting for too long. Normal wear and tear or big winter storms can affect basically anything within your boat. Check that your oil is clean as well and see if you need to replace any spare parts, so you lessen any chances of being stranded on the water.

Insurance Matters

Having the right boating insurance is just another way to prepare yourself for the summer. All City Agency Inc. works with the people of Hugo, MN to get them squared away, so everyone feels secure when they’re enjoying the sun. Between injuries and unexpected damage, insurance is necessary for those who love their boats and families. Give us a call today if you’re looking at replacing your coverage or if you need a quote for a new policy.

Kevin Buechler
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