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4 Packing Tips for Hugo, MN Residents

All City Agency

Hugo, Minnesota is a town that is pleasant to cruise and sight see and the best way to do that is in your own vehicle.  All City Agency, Inc. supplies citizens of Hugo with auto insurance coverage to suit their needs; All City is ready to assist you.

Moving is a way of life with many Americans whether it is relocating to find a better job, or going back to your home town.  If you have relocated before you know what a hassle packing and unpacking can be.  All City has 4 packing tips that will make the transition a lot easier.

1. Get a packing kit

This is a mini organizer for your larger organization project which is moving.  The kit includes all the necessities that make packing swift and functional.  It has; markers, scissors, glue, duct tape, notebook and pens.  Moving is hard work, so you need to stay on the go.  Include water and snacks in your kit as a bonus.

2. Garbage bags make it easy

These are not just good for trash, they are the ultimate component for hauling lightweight items like stuffed toys, curtains, pillows, bed clothes and undergarments.

3. Have a give a way box nearby

This is the time when you run into things you no longer need. It is the perfect opportunity to throw away or give away unused items and make your packing  a little easier.  You’ll be sorting and discarding at the same time leaving behind clutter that would hinder your new life in your new home.

4. Double pack

If you have done a lot of traveling you might already be familiar with this method.  Save space by stuffing clean socks into containers and wrapping glassware and breakable items in bedclothes.

Kevin Buechler
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